Strange Bedfellows

When my day's work is done and I've tucked our guests up safely in bed (see picture above), it's good to catch up with old friends. Though the Manor is hidden away in a secluded and strangely forbidding corner of the English countryside, we need never feel isolated. Thanks to the modern miracle of cyberspace, our fellow obsessives and their unhealthy appetites are only a click away...


A collection of like-minded souls whose passion for all things diabolical knows no bounds, including in particular...

A genial brimstone-scented pot-pourri of horror film, television, fiction and more besides.

The Amazing Movie Show
Gareth Walters can't get enough of amazing movies, and we at the Manor are happy to encourage his addiction.

Exploring all aspects of the horror genre since 2007, well worth a casual look or a threatening glare. Bring a torch!

A man who is pure in heart and reviews horror films by night. Just remember to stick to the road and keep clear of the moors.

Your happy childhood ends here.

Unflinching Eye
Musings and rantings on the kind of films and music that normal people are unnerved by.

Island of Terror
A fellow Brit witters on about all manner of strangeness.

In The Garden of Death Orchids
Movies, books, ramblings, and a surprising lack of gardening tips.

365 Horror Movie
Back from the frontlines of his year-long tour of duty. 


The Silent Era
An invaluable resource, frequently updated, for well-researched factual information on cinema's early years, horrific and otherwise.

Silent Volume
A thoughtful and well-written blog, featuring a good number of horror and fantasy films among its pages.

. . .Or, if it's late, your car has a flat tyre and you need assistance, there's really no need to knock at the door of that eerie-looking manor you can see beyond the trees... Try here instead. . .