A Genuine Giveaway!

To all visitors to the Devil's Manor...

Great News! Aficionados of Antique Anomalies may be pleased to learn that the Manor has a copy of the rare, full-length version of 'Genuine' to give away to one lucky recipient!

Go to your humble caretaker's Profile (at left) and send him an email explaining why you, of all people, deserve a copy of this hard-to-find and frankly rather strange old movie. In a couple of weeks from now, all emails received will be rounded up and stared at in a severe manner. The best (or most random) answer will get a FREE DVD-R copy (region 0) of the full 88-minute film (not available in stores!), as described below on these very pages.

Picture quality is unavoidably grainy (see screen grab above) but then, (a) the film is ninety-two years old, and (b) it's free. 'Nuff said. Winner will be notified by return email before the end of April. Thank you and good luck!

A small gesture of Friendship
from the Devil's Manor
Your friend, 
Bob the Caretaker

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